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 Standard Rules and Clauses

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Standard Rules and Clauses Empty
PostSubject: Standard Rules and Clauses   Standard Rules and Clauses EmptyFri Jul 24, 2009 7:54 pm

Standard Rules of Shaywin.com

Hacked/Sav'd Pokemon
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Standard Clauses of Shaywin.com

Evasion Clause
Moves that boost evasion (i.e. Double Team and Minimize) are not allowed.

Sleep Clause
Two or more Pokémon on a team cannot be asleep at the same time. Self-induce sleep via rest does not activate Sleep Clause.

OHKO Clause

One-Hit KO moves are not allowed.

Species Clause

Two or more of the same Pokémon may not be used on the same team.

Hax Item Clause

Items that are totally dependable on luck are not allowed.

Hax Items
1. Quick Claw
2. Focus Band
3. King's Rock
4. Bright Powder
5. Scope Lens
6. Lax Incense
7. Razor Fang
8. Razor claw

OPTIONAL Clauses that are not part of Standard rules and do not apply unless said otherwise:

Self KO Clause
If both players have only one Pokémon left, moves which KO both the user and the opponent are not allowed (e.g. Explosion, Destiony Bond). If recoil damage would cause a tie, Self KO Clause does not activate, and the player who last attacked is the winner

Item Clause
All pokemon on the team must hold different items.

Freeze Clause

Two or more Pokémon on a team cannot be frozen at the same time.

If I missed anything of you have questions regarding the rules Message me here or Email me at jtr512@shaywin.com

For any Ideas, Suggestions, Questions Email me at jtr512@shaywin.com

for my pokemon thread check here
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Standard Rules and Clauses
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