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Shaywin Chatrooms
Welcome to Shaywin! Shaywin consists of many chatrooms to use to communicate with other fellow members. Keep in mind there are different set rules for each of them.

Shaywin's Main Chat
Shaywin's Main Chatroom for General Discussion.

Battle and Trade Chatroom
Shaywin's Battle and Trade Chatroom, for requesting a battle or a trade.

Infernape Destroys
For requesting a Quick Battle or Trade, tournaments are hosted there also.

1. Do not advertise we will kick first as a warning, next time it might be a temp ban. (1-6 hours)

2. Do not ask to be mod or owner, we ask you. If you have the tendency to ask us we have every right to kick you.

3. Do not insult others, keep it to private chat.

4. These chatrooms are set for 12+ age members, we advise you to not do anything we may find inappropiate.

5. Please limit the cursing level, not a major rule, but I would appreciate it if you did.

6. No Unfair Hacked Pokemon such as Pokemon with over 510 evs.

7. Have Fun!