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EV Training Guide

Table Of Contents

  • EVs. What are they?
  • Vitamins, and how they help you.
  • Berries, and how they help you.
  • Pokerus
  • Power Items/Macho Brace
  • List of best places to EV


EVs. What are they?
EVs or Effort Values. Sometimes known as Effort Points (EP). Every time you fight a pokemon you gain a certain EV. Each pokemon you fight can give you 1-3 EVs in a certain stat. Some even give you 1 EV in one stat and 2 in another. Each time you gain 4 EVs in a certain stat you gain +1 stat point at level 100. You can have a total of 510 EVs for every pokemon, but only 255 EVs in a stat. That means you can train a pokemon in 2 stats with 252 EVs. Having an extra 4 to put in whichever stat you want to add +1 too. A total of 127 extra points is added to your pokemon. 63 if you decide to 'max out' or using 252 EVs in a stat.

Vitamins, and how they help you.
Vitamins are helpful while EV training, BUT are in no way necessary.

Vitamins add an extra 10 EVs to an Untrained (UT) stat. You can successfully add 10 EVs with each vitamin until you reach 100 EVs. (10 Vitamins)
The Vitamins include

They are very helpful, but can get a little expensive.

Berries, and how they help you.
510 EVs is quite a bit to keep up with. If you EV incorrectly there is however a solution to your problem.
Certain berries reduce your Pokemon's EVs, these berries include
Pomeg berry- Reduces HP
Kelpsy berry- Reduces Attack
Qualot berry- Reduces Defense
Hondew berry- Reduces Sp.Atk
Grepa berry- Reduces Sp.Def
Tomato berry- Reduces Speed

The first berry you use takes your pokemon's stat back to 100 EVs.
After that each berry takes away 10 EVs.

Pokerus is a helpful little 'disease' when it comes to EV Training. Pokerus doubles the amount of EVs you gain from each pokemon you battle. So if your fighting Graveler for +2 Defense EVs. You will now gain +4. You doulble the EVs after you add the Power Items/Macho Brace (which we will cover later)

Power Items/Macho Brace
First we'll start with the macho brace, its just like Pokerus it doubles your EV gain. If you have pokerus and the Macho brace your EVs will be doubled twice. Say your fighting Bidoof for +1 HP EV 1*2 is 2 then adding pokerus 2*2 is 4.

The Power items are a bit different. and are easier to use than macho brace. The only thing is, there are 6 of them rather than just 1 macho brace.
The Power items add +4 to your EV yeild. So if your getting the +1 from bidoof its 1+4 making 5. If your pokemon has Pokerus it makes 5*2 making 10 EVs per Bidoof.

The power items include
Power Weight - HP
Power Bracer - Attack
Power Belt - Defence
Power Lens - Sp.Atk
Power Band - Sp.Def
Power Anklet - Speed

List of Best Places to EV train
HP- Right outside of Pastoria city. On route 212 there is a pond, surf on it and you will only find Wooper and Quagsire (+1 & +2 HP EVs)
Another great pokemon is Bidoof. They are in abundance just about everywhere you go. They are +1 HP

Attack - If you use Super Rod in Verity Lake you will always catch  Gyarados and Seaking, each are 2 Attack EVs

Defense- Inside the Ruin Maniac's cave there are Geodude and Hippopatas, each are 1 Defense EV

Sp.Atk- The Old Chatue is the best place, since you always find Gastly and sometimes Haunter (+1 & +2 Sp.Atk EVs)

Sp.Def - Ah, yes Sp.Def training. Its annoying to train since the only abundant pokemon is Tentacruel/Tentacool. Off of Sunyshore City you will find Tentacruel which are +2 Sp.Def EVs

Speed- Fishing with Old Rod on just about any body of water will give you Magikarp which are +1 speed EVs
Starly are also another abundant source of Speed EVs each are worth 1 speed EV

*Credit goes to SecondHeartbeat for the making of this guide.